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Hola, je m'appelle Qùynh-Chi.

I’m Qùynh-Chi, an average-sized bundle of mismatched interests firmly rooted in the Bay. I’m an aspiring graphic & web designer. The tossing of pigskin is my obsession, while the creation of art is my passion. Others see trash, I see treasure. I’m a fan of all things cliché, and I live on cheesy, sappy stories. Most of my music collection originates from vinyl records and can be found in jukeboxes. I’m addicted to mystery & crime shows, but quirky, romantic comedies are my remedy.

My decision to pursue graphic design is fairly new. As a student of the craft, I'm looking to experiment with the concept of design. In time I hope to achieve a more professional look & vibe for this site, but for the time being this will be a hub in which to test my creativity.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at quynhchi dot dho at gmail dot com.